Treehouse Pediatrics


Dear Patients–

I started this site so I could keep you updated on my plans. I completed employment at UAB Huntsville on Feb 28, 2018, after working in the pediatric clinic for 13 of my nearly 22 total years of practice. I am excited about several goals for this second career phase, and I hope I will be able to benefit you and our community. It will take a few months to get everything lined up, but here is the general plan:

1) Part time volunteering at local school based clinics;

2) Independent Contracting with telemedicine organizations, starting right away, which will help me fund #3;

3) A no-charge primary care level online mental health and behavioral consultation clinic for local children and teens. My specific areas of focus are assistance with mild to moderate depression and anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD, phobia desensitization, and help with common parenting/discipline difficulties. No concern is too small. I am also trained to use medical hypnosis to assist with problems such as pain management (for instance, migraines), with agreement from your primary healthcare professional that you are an appropriate candidate.

It is difficult for primary care physicians to find enough time in a busy clinic day for these ordinary difficulties, although we are trained to do it. Not every issue requires a psychiatrist or formal, prolonged therapy. Pediatricians could help the strain on our limited psychiatric resources and reduce waiting lists by providing help with routine difficulties. Unfortunately, it is hard to do that and pay overhead in a typical practice. My goal is for families to have plenty of time to ask all their questions and learn practical strategies in the comfort of their homes. I will accept referrals from local primary healthcare professionals as well as self-referrals, and if appropriate, I can provide recommendations to your PCP for further evaluation and/or treatment.

Because of my long experience in primary care, I am able to consider how other medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, may play a role in brain and behavioral health dysfunction.

I plan to set up a Patreon site, to accept donations, which I hope will eventually help me transition all my online practice hours to the no-charge platform. I hope to have my telemedicine and Patreon sites established by June 2018. When I’m ready to schedule patients, I will post information here;

4) Volunteer faculty at UAB, offering education to local medical students in the behavioral aspects of primary care pediatrics, and;

5) A book. At least one. I have some ideas about how we could have better healthcare in the US, and I have some good stories about my years in practice. Stay tuned!

******I am LGTBQ affirming. My practice is secular/ science-based, meaning that I do not bring up religion with patients nor do I discriminate based on patient religious or non religious beliefs.



 “Shall we assimilate ourselves to authority or to those who suffer its injustice? What if this choice were the basis of all morality?” C. Fred Alford, in Whistleblowers